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Traditional Danish Birthday layer cake

April 18, 2012

Happy Birthday!


Lagkagebunde/The Layers  here
Recipe from “My Danish Kitchen” here
Exclusive Layer cakes from La Glace here

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  1. April 19, 2012 1:00 pm

    It looks so delicious and beautiful. It’s different from ours. Interesting. 🙂

    • April 19, 2012 2:52 pm

      This is the “basic” model, the filling and the top can change depending on how much time the cake maker will use. Thank you for your interest. 🙂

  2. April 19, 2012 8:45 pm

    Happy birthday indeed. My Mormor pronounced it ‘laukau’ (as in ‘Bauhaus’), still makes me chuckle decades on!

    • April 20, 2012 12:23 pm

      I can imagine, both the “laukau” sound and the good memory. A pity that the dialects slowly disappears, there was many even though Denmark is a small country.
      I should by the way remember to mention the Danish name – lagkage – at the post, thank you for that idea, Finn.

  3. May 14, 2012 4:02 pm

    What did you use as the filling? Was it custard and a berry jam?

    • May 14, 2012 6:15 pm

      The filling is an indicator of how important the cake maker find the event. An ordinary choice would be Vanilla cream and jam, strawberry or raspberries. On the top, sugar or whipped cream. A really energic cake maker would bake the “layer-cakes” himself. In Danish “Lagkagebunde”.

  4. June 21, 2012 2:27 am

    We do the same for birthdays in Norway. Nice!

  5. June 21, 2012 2:28 am

    Forgot to say, the filling and the top is usually whipped, fresh cream, a lot of it. Maybe mixed with berry jam in the middle, or some custard..

    • June 21, 2012 8:20 am

      Whipped cream is also a favorite here, I think the sugar top mostly is prefered by children and people with a “sweet toth”. Could be interesting to find the history behind this cake. We were one country once, you know, so perhaps we have the same “lagkage-history” 🙂

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