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April 7, 2014

Danish ryebread

Danish lunch eggs and tomatoes

Danish lunch carrots

Danish lunch Dyrlægens natmad

Danish lunch rygeost smoked cheese

Danish lunch makrel mackerel

Danish lunch; Ryebread, eggs, avocado and tomatoes, carrots, “Dyrlægens natmad” (The veterinarian´s midnight snack), Rygeost /smoked cheese, Mackerel.




Wikipedia about “Dyrlægens natmad”

Derfor hedder det dyrlægens natmad (Video in Danish)


The opening of Bakken

March 27, 2014

bakken opening

The opening of amusementpark “Bakken” has been celebrated with a motorcycle parade from Nørrebro in  Copenhagen to the forest Dyrehaven where Bakken is situated, since 1965. About 5000 – 70000 motobikes are participating, including the police who makes sure that the traffic along the road doesn´t collapse.

Bakken will be open from today March 27  till  August 29, 2014




Opening hours

The MC route

Blogpost from the 2012 opening

Røde træsko – Red clogs

February 25, 2014

Danish red clogs

Træsko, clogs, have been used as footwear in Denmark for centuries, at least since the end of 1400, we know because they are mentioned in a document from 1481. Clogs are used as daily footwear at many work places, as well as in private life.


Clogs as boots

Safety clogs


History (in Danish)

Easter candy

February 19, 2014

Easter eggs Anthon Berg

In about two months from now, it will be Easter in Denmark (April 13 to April 21, 2014) and the nice easter candy has arrived at the stores.



Anthon Berg

The Copenhagen metro

January 11, 2014

Danish metro kopi



Map of routes

Customer service


Royal Danish Life Guards

January 9, 2014

Royal Life Guards Denmark

Royal Life Guards 2

royal guard Denmark

Den kongelige livgarde, The Danish Royal life guards, at their daily walk through Copenhagen.

“The ensemble is a concert- and marching band consisting of 36 professional musicians.”


The royal lifeguards ensemble

Wikipedia about Royal life guards

Website Den kongelige livgarde

Danish birthday layered cake

January 5, 2014

Danish birthday layer cake 2

Danish birthday layer cake 3

Danish birthday layer cake 1

One never gets enough of a good Danish birthday layer cake. One of the top 5 search words at this blog. Lets start the new year with a bite and a hurray.



Layered cake with strawberries

Cakes for layered cake




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