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Christmas already?

October 29, 2015

Christmas advent calender

Christmas preparations have started, – in the stores. Almost every child expect to have at least one advent calender, and the shops are getting ready for the big sale.


Danish Christmas traditions

Sankt Hans evening

June 24, 2015

Sankt Hans Denmark A

At the evening of June 23, midsummer are celebrated with bonfires all over Denmark. On top of the fire, there will be a witch, ready to fly all the way to Bloksbjerg in Germany.


History online : The fire was regarded as evil deprecating, and should preferably be lit with “wild” fire – fire that was made from scratch. In folk tradition there is a general perception that witches are especially active in the magical holy evenings, for example by collecting ingredients for their magic activities, or by traveling to witch meetings, either at Troms Church, or at Bloksbjerg in the Harz Mountains. The fire should frighten them and prevent them from stopping for a rest. In addition, there is also a social custom, where you could meet and celebrate.

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Celebrating Constitution day and women’s suffrage

June 5, 2015

Danish flag in garden

This year, June 5 is not only celebrated because of Constitution Day, but also because 100 years have passed since women got the vote in Denmark. GOOGLE asked Danish Mette Ehlers to illustrate this on their DK frontpage.

Women got the vote Mette Ehlers


Photos: historical reconstruction of the day in 1915

Constitution of Denmark

Wikipedia about constitutionday

Mette Ehlers

Danish village

May 24, 2015

Virksund Denmark kopi

Virksund Denmark 2

The Danish designer Jacob Jensen (89) who created the Margrethe bowl, died on May 15,  2015. He was living in the beautiful little village Virksund in Jutland.


New York Times about the death

Design Collection

Wikipedia about Jacob Jensen

The Margrethe bowl

Happy Easter

April 6, 2015

Easter paper clip Denmar

Decorated paper cutting is an old Danish Easter tradition.


Paper cutting

Copenhagen on February 16

February 16, 2015

Copenhagen v Copenhagen February 16, 2015.  FOTO: Kenneth Nguyen / Københavns kommune facebook.   Google today 16.2.2015

Google made this in memory of the victims of the attack in Copenhagen.

Fastelavn / Shrovetide

February 15, 2015

fastelavn 2

fastelavn 3


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