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Danish village

May 24, 2015

Virksund Denmark kopi

Virksund Denmark 2

The Danish designer Jacob Jensen (89) who created the Margrethe bowl, died on May 15,  2015. He was living in the beautiful little village Virksund in Jutland.


New York Times about the death

Design Collection

Wikipedia about Jacob Jensen

The Margrethe bowl

Happy Easter

April 6, 2015

Easter paper clip Denmar

Decorated paper cutting is an old Danish Easter tradition.


Paper cutting

Copenhagen on February 16

February 16, 2015

Copenhagen v Copenhagen February 16, 2015.  FOTO: Kenneth Nguyen / Københavns kommune facebook.   Google today 16.2.2015

Google made this in memory of the victims of the attack in Copenhagen.

Fastelavn / Shrovetide

February 15, 2015

fastelavn 2

fastelavn 3


Older post about lent: Here

Web shop with Costumes

Danish birthday layered cake

January 13, 2015

Danish birthday layercake


Older post

Older post with details

Happy New Year cake

January 12, 2015

kransekage Danish marzipan new year cake

The traditional New Year cake, KRANSEKAKE “wreath-cake”, with Danish flags. To be served with champagne as soon as the new year begin. This one  was nicely made by my friend Sarah. The tradition of serving  this cake at New Year is about 100 years old, but the cake was invented in the end of the 1700 Century.




Recipe in English

Kransekage test

Recipes from Odense Marcipan

Homemade marzipan

Christmas in Denmark, December 24

December 25, 2014

Pork rind flæskesteg

glazed potatoes brune kartoffler

rice pudding ris a la mande


Christmas dinner can be:  pork, duck, goose or turkey. With pork comes pork rinds, called “flæskesvær” which must be very crispy to make the dinner a succes! Warm red  cabbage, glazed potatoes, and a lot of brown sauce. As dessert – rice pudding containing lots of almonds in pieces and one whole – (the finder receive a gift), served with warm cherry sauce. After dinner it is time for walk around the Christmas tree, singing Christmas songs and psalms, while holding hands. The final song could be the one where everyone while holds each others hand runs through the entire house, singing “Nu er det jul igen…” (once again it is Christmas)

Finally all the presents which have been lying under the tree are being given, and the children start playing with whatever they have got, while the grown ups get a nice cup of coffee and a little cognac.

Merry Christmas!


Recipe Ris a la mande

Recipe Red cabbage

Recipe Caramelized potatoe

From the Swedish film Fanny and Alexander, “Nu er det jul igen” dance




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