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Danish pastry

December 27, 2015

julekage Danish traditional  Christmas cake

Since Christmas is over, we have to say good bye to the delicious “Christmas buns”. It is difficult to make Danish pastry at home, but not to difficult to try.


Danish pastry recipe with video (in Danish)


Christmas dinner

December 26, 2015

brunede kartofler



Brunede kartofler og flæskesteg med rødkål. Sugar glazed potatoes, roasted pork and red cabbage, – some of the ingrediens at a typical Danish  Christmas dinner. Merry Christmas!



Caramelized potatoes

Red cabbage

Roast pork


Saint Lucy

December 13, 2015

Sankt Lucy

December 13 is named after saint Lucy – Sankta Lucia- , and celebrated with processions of singing white dressed girls, each with a candle in her hand. The Lucia bride has 4 candles in a wreath on her head. The tradition with Lucia procession came to Denmark from Sweden, around 1944. Sweden has documents telling about Lucia in 1764, but the tradition wasn’t common before 1920-30


Wikipedia about Saint Lucy

Video with children singing

Christmas lunch

December 11, 2015

Danish snaps

Marinated herring sild

pickled herring kryddersild

Curried herring Karrysild

Danish herrings for the traditional “Christmas lunch”, which not necessarily is a lunch, but absolutely supposed to be a fun and happy party. All companies are having a “Christmas lunch” in December. Family lunches and those made for friends will be in the week ends. If the menu is a Danish lunch with ryebread, there will be at least 3 kind of herring, for a start. Ansd always a glass of ice Cold snaps. (Brandy)



Wikipedia about Christmas lunch tradition


Christmas bun

December 8, 2015

Christmascake Denmark julebolle

There is of course a type of pastry made espesially for Christmas. A Christmas bun, “Julebolle”. It is difficult to make pastry, and the recipes below will lead to another type of bun than the one at the photo.



Recipe 1

The slightly healther version

Recipe Hjerteforeningen

Cristmas cookies

December 7, 2015

P1330788 kopi

Danish cookies Jewish

One type of the very tasty Christmas cookies are named “Jødekager”, -Jewish cookies.


Recipe from My Danish Kitchen


December 6, 2015

Nissernes hemmelige bog

The story about nisser are kept alive in many ways, by word of mouth or as here, by stories told in books. Nisser are popular and welcome, but only in December and until Christmas – December 24.